In 2008 I trained as a Bowen Therapist (a hands on gentle touch, holistic therapy).  This was following successful treatment I had received for a long- term back problem.  One requirement for Bowen was to study and pass a Diploma level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology, which I enjoyed and found thoroughly fascinating, learning about the ‘workings’ of the human body.  I set up my clinic in 2009 at my home, which is now in Buckhorn Weston near Gillingham, Dorset. I had for a long time been interested in the world of health and well being; It shaped my career in Marks & Spencer, where for 10 years I ran the company’s health and dental insurance plans sharing an office with Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Dentists.

I cared for my elderly mother for 3 years and following her death I decided to pursue a long held desire to take up Tai Chi Qigong.  It particularly attracted me as a form of exercise because it involves, body and mind and promotes relaxation. I very quickly became captivated and could see the correlation with my Bowen Therapy, so embarked on training.  I qualified in April 2018 and set up my own classes in Buckhorn Weston and East Stour a month later.  In November that year I set up another class, this time in a retirement complex in Gillingham.  All these classes are proving very popular for different ages and abilities.  I love teaching this amazing exercise and seeing the enjoyment and positive results it brings to people.

Both with Bowen and Tai Chi Qigong I continue with continued practitioner development (CPD).  I have teamed up with 3 like-minded colleagues to create West Country Tai Chi Qigong.  We train, support each other with our classes and share experiences and knowledge.

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