From the first Tai Chi Shibashi session I joined I was completely hooked, I loved how utterly absorbing it was and at the end of the first session I felt completely relaxed, like I had just had a lovely warm bath. I practised at home for a while but missed the joy of doing this in a group, so decided to train to become an instructor.

I have been a qualified riding instructor for 45 years. I was formerly a Police Officer for 30 years. I spent 20 years as a Mounted Police Officer, training and assessing Mounted Police Officers nationally. Working with both people and horses I learnt to assess the strengths and capabilities of both, I have met and worked with a varied spectrum of students from those with a keen interest to those who did not want to join in at all. I found this challenging and educating for me and it gave me a chance to explore different teaching styles, helping and encouraging people to find and achieve their goals.

I have been able to bring many of these skills with me to my role as a qigong instructor. I am willing to listen to any issues people may have and find ways to ensure that everyone can achieve what they want from each session. I work with a wide variety of students, including a Parkinsons Group where everyone suffers from a variety of limitations to their movements, which can vary from week to week. An over 75’s Group who also have various issues, including balance as well as physical limitations, and also an open group where most are active people. My goal for each group is that everyone should  enjoy the sessions.

I consider myself a student of Qigong and enjoy attending workshops and training sessions whenever I can.

When I’m not practising Qigong I am messing about with horses, walking my dog, making lace or up to no good!

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