How to Join a Class

Locate a class that is convenient for you to attend and contact the instructor to check if there is space for you in the group. 

We currently operate open classes in Wincanton, Frome, Buckhorn Weston, Bruton, East Stour and Zeals, with occasional classes in Gillingham, Dorset.  Classes and workshops may be held from time to time at other venues. 

Private or group lessons can be provided by arrangement with individual instructors.

Please check the ‘Classes’ page for times and contact details.

What to Wear 

No special clothing or equipment is required. It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose clothing that allows you to move freely.  

Ideally, footwear should be flat and thin soled – training shoes are fine. Alternatively, you might choose to practise in soft, non-slip socks / foot coverings or bare feet – however, please bear in mind that shoes provide support and protection for the feet and can assist with balance.

During the Session

Please remember to turn off your mobile phone.   Classes are intended to be relaxing so we aim to keep distractions to a minimum.

You can choose to stand or to sit during the lesson or to do a combination of these.  Stand or place your chair where you can see the instructor clearly. You should have sufficient space to extend your arms without touching your neighbour or the wall.

The instructor will demonstrate and describe the movements – if you need any clarification, then please ask.  You will not be required to kneel or to lie on the floor. 

When performing the exercises you should move in a way that is comfortable for you. Classes are generally of mixed ability, so please work to your own personal capabilities.  It is important to remain stable at all times. Some exercises are intended to develop balance and co-ordination, so do not be afraid to use a chair or the wall to support yourself if you feel you need to do so.

Unless specified otherwise, classes last for one hour. They usually end with a short meditation, relaxation or breathing exercise that is led by the instructor.